Hello There!!
I am a Games Designer, I like to create gameplay-oriented games where the feel is everything. That’s not to say other areas aren’t important, I firmly believe that everything that goes into a game is just as important as everything else, and without cooperation there is no game.

I developed my skills within Unreal 4-5, with 7 years of experience using the engine. My most recent experience was working on Horizon Call of The Mountain. The most enjoyable aspect of design for me is prototyping gameplay mechanics and collaborating closely with others to make that prototype a reality.

I prefer prototype first design as from my experience the best way to test the feel of a game is to play it. I also have a background in programming and indie development which has given me the tools I need to create great games.

Industry Projects

Horizon: Call of the Mountain

  • Combat Design Horizon Call of the Mountain
  • Encounter Design for the both Thunderjaw encounters, both Bellowback encounters and Shellwalker encounter
  • Damage/Health Balancing for all the combat
  • AI Design and behavior tree implementation
  • Creature Ability creation
  • In-engine animation set-up and trigger timings
  • Writing Documentation to cover the combat statistics and encounters

Sea of Thieves

  • General Design and implementation on Sea of Thieves
  • Presenting my work to the client, and being trusted to work with the client with little supervision
  • Detailed documentation for my work
  • Collaborating with other disciplines across the teams to achieve the set goals
  • Animation implementation of cutscenes
  • Creating and managing loot tables for a balanced experience
  • Helping anyone who asked for it across the teams
  • Specifically I worked on the Legend of the Veil and Sea Forts

Indie Projects


  • Responsible for all the coding
  • Designed the Character Camera and Controller
  • Responsible for some of the set dressing
  • Created the Animation state machines
  • Designed and implemented AI for spline-based patrolling
  • Creating In-game mechanics like moving platforms and wind funnels that carry the character.
  • Designed the Gust interaction

Chopping Onions

  • Responsible for the coding
  • Designed the gameplay loop
  • Created the Animation state machines
  • Designed the character controls

Wingsuit Project

  • Responsible for the coding
  • Created the animation state machines
  • Designed the character controller and camera
  • Responsible for the project feel


  • Responsible for the coding
  • Created the animation state machines
  • Designed the character controller and camera
  • Created the mechanics i.e. player abilities and interactions.