Chopping Onions

Here we have Chopping Onions, a game jam game. In this game you can control the arm to cut the items you are given. Once you are happy with how much you have cut, you can then press a button to ‘put’ the cut items into the pot, thus gaining score. You can also hold ‘Right Click’ which will turn collision ‘ON’ for the knife giving interesting results.


James Hellman
Oscar Værnø
Ross Everson

Ross Everson

Johanne Eikå Bergill
Georgia Higgins

James Hellman

James Farr

Magnus Hodne

For Chopping Onions, I wanted to try my hand at slicing meshes in realtime. Fortunately Unreal comes with a procedural mesh component that allows you to split a mesh given a location and rotation on the mesh. So naturally, we chose to chop up some veg and throw them into a pot, a simple yet fun concept.

The Mechanics of Chopping Onions


The basic gameplay loop for Chopping Onions.