This is a controller I worked on with an animator (Ross Everson) for the Epic marketplace, a third-person Wingsuit character.


Ross Everson

James Hellman

James Hellman
Ross Everson


Character is always falling at a constant rate, this is affected by increasing/decreasing as the player pushes/pulls the left stick respectively.

Player is able to push forward on the controls and the character should lean forward and go faster.

At the same time as this, the character should begin to fall more rapidly.

Player is able to pull back on controls and the character should lean back and slow down.

At the same time the character should fall slower.

Character will always move forward, not turning unless the player moved the left stick left/right.

The FOV changes slightly depending on the falling speed of the character.


The following diagrams show the basic controls for the Glider.

Other Controls:

If you jump and press X you will go straight into a glide without doing the intro animation.

Making Alterations:

You can alter most of the values in this project, but the main 3 are the Speed, Ration and FOV curves. Through these curves you can alter the speed at which the glider will move forward and fall.

You’ll find the 3 curves that can be altered int eh following folder.

The Speed Curve:

Time = Stick Axis

Value = Falling Speed

The Ratio Curve:

Time = Falling Speed

Value = Forward Speed

The FOV Curve:

Time = Total Axis of Stick and  right trigger.

Value = FOV

This is where you’ll find the Glider_BP and the Animation_Interface and you’ll find the animations in the location indicated below also.